Jodi Smith on Selling R150 Million homes in Cape Town

Jodi Smith CEO and Founder of Hot Property Cape Town
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August 31, 2022

Hot Property founder Jodi Smith sat down with Seth Shezi for an interview on his podcast, Breaking Eggs. Together, the pair discussed the evolution of Jodi’s successful property career, Listing Cape Town and the importance of a great pants suit.

Watch the full interview here:

In this fun and lighthearted interview, Jodi and Seth enjoy a casual chat about all things property, where Jodi discusses some of her current listings, including a Clifton penthouse selling for R27 million and a rental going for R200 000 per month.

The interview begins with Jodi giving a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes working of her business. Learning from the best, Jodi was trained by one of Cape Town’s leading rental real estate agents, Monica, her now business partner and mom.

Jodi talks about the dynamic team that is her and her mom Monica and how together, they’re taking Cape Town’s real estate market by storm. Monica’s extensive experience and background in the property market, teamed with Jodi’s natural networking flair, sees the duo successfully covering all bases of the property market.

When asked about Listing Cape Town, the property reality TV show that showcases some of the top properties in Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard and surrounds, Jodi revealed just how thrilled she was about the production.

As one of six real estate agents starring in the show, Jodi loved that the show gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the world of real estate; giving them an insider’s eye into the valuation process, as well as the financial and investment side of purchasing properties. She particularly loved that viewers could gain insight into potential property opportunities for themselves.

Getting down to business, the topic of property finance arises, and Jodi shares several tips with Seth for securing funding as a self-employed freelancer. Purchasing property when self-employed or a foreigner can be a bit more tricky. Jodi suggests a few strategies, including sharing connections to bond advisors, strategies for approaching banks for financing, as well as some out-of-the-box tactics for securing funding.

Jodi talks about her background in film, which goes all the way back to her first degree, a BA in Creative Communications from the prestigious advertising college Vega. After graduating, she worked on film sets and built a great understanding of how productions come together—a particularly great insight for when she was filming Listing Cape Town.

She shares how this education and experience has helped her become a hard-working and diligent worker, one who is tech savvy and is geared to run an online business.

A resident of the area she now represents, Jodi has an incredible knowledge of the areas that she sells. During the interview, she shares how she is familiar with almost every building in the neighbourhood, how she knows all of the street names as well as local businesses and their staff, and is also familiar with residents and businesses in the area.

This is a true plus for a foreign property buyer who doesn’t know the lay of the land and needs a trustworthy source with infinite recommendations about the desired purchase area.

Watch the full interview between Jodi and Seth here:

If you’re interested in purchasing, selling or renting a property in Cape Town, contact Jodi and the Hot Property team today!

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