New Murals on Sea Point Promenade by Blok and SJ Artists

Mika Revell (Little Pink Pills) creating her mural for Blok and SJ Artists on the Sea Point promenade
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July 6, 2024

The Sea Point promenade is a beloved local hot spot, drawing scores of people daily to walk along the oceanside boardwalk. A space for exercise, relaxation, and more, the promenade is also home to several art installations and has just received its latest addition.

Blok, a well-known property developer in Cape Town with nearly 10 years of experience, has partnered with SJ Artists to bring a new, colourful vision to life on the Sea Point promenade. Inspired by art, nature, and community, Blok strives to create living spaces that are as beautiful as they are practical.

With the belief that urban living goes beyond your front door into creating spaces that inspire, connect, and uplift, Blok, together with SJ Artists, has brought a new urban intervention to the promenade, transforming the promenade’s ablution blocks into vibrant canvases, adorned with colourful and expressive murals.

Vibrant and colourful murals of Sea Point promenade

A Greater Vision for Elevating Public Spaces

Blok’s collaboration with SJ Artists aims to elevate public spaces by integrating art into functional structures. The promenade ablution blocks are the first of many projects within the broader vision. Blok’s urban interventions are designed to enrich community life and foster a sense of pride and ownership in shared spaces.

By introducing art into everyday structures, Blok’s murals and installations enhance the aesthetic appeal of the promenade and other public spaces and create a lively, vibrant, and engaging environment for residents and visitors alike.

Blok’s initiative supports local artists by providing a prominent platform for their work, encouraging public interaction with art, and making it an integral part of daily life. With these endeavours, Blok is committed to building a more connected, inspired, and culturally rich community—something the brand executes flawlessly with its contemporary Atlantic Seaboard developments.

Following the successful Art on the Blok pop-up gallery, the reimagining of functional spaces on the Sea Point promenade is an example of Blok’s commitment to investing in local art and culture and providing a stage for Cape Town’s creative talent.

SJ Artists, the Brand Behind the Brush

SJ Artists is an agency that supports and manages mural artists and large-scale art projects in Cape Town. Led by Shani Judes, a recognized contributor to Cape Town’s public art scene, is an avid supporter of and expert in the realm of ocean conservation-themed public art—a perfect alignment with the project’s location at the coastal setting of Sea Point.

Jude’s notable projects include the Wavescape Surf & Ocean Festival and Sea Walls South Africa.

Eye-Catching Art at the Heart of City Living

Property developer Blok believes in creating homes that connect residents to not just to their living spaces but to their broader neighbourhood and community as well.

The new murals on the Sea Point promenade create new points of interest that touch on themes of ocean conservation and natural beauty to cultivate environmental awareness.

SJ Artists have brought together three exceptional artists, each of whom has contributed their unique style to the project to create a diverse visual experience that captures the essence of the city’s artistic spirit.

The mural artists are:

  • Russell Abrahams (Yay Abe): A Cape Town-based illustrator known for his colourful and playful designs, Abrahams’ mural, Ocean Daze, created in the artist’s distinct style or heavy outlines, strong angles, and bold colour fills, portrays a lively day at the beach with hidden faces for passersby to discover.
  • Mika Revell (Little Pink Pills): Known for her political satire and feminist themes, Revell’s mural, Impossible City, inspired by M.C. Escher, challenges perceptions of urban spaces. Her mural feels like a sutble nod to the Bo Kaap region, where the use of colourful structures in her piece reflect the famed houses in area.
  • Amy-Leigh Braaf (Hakopike): A South African artist exploring themes of self-discovery and cultural heritage, Braaf’s mural, Coastal Lullabies, is a visual celebration of Cape Town’s marine life and natural beauty.


Russel Abrahams (Yay Abe) creating his mural for Blok and SJ Artists on the Sea Point promenade

View the Murals

Blok invites the public to experience firsthand how they are reimagining urban spaces, one brushstroke at a time. A stroll along the promenade offers an immersive experience in this open-air gallery, with each piece accompanied by an informative plaque providing insights into the artist and their work. Additionally, many other artworks along the promenade are available for enjoyment.


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